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A Post-Black Friday Guide: Six Marketing Tactics to Drive Consumer Loyalty and Long-Term Acquisition

Black Friday is one of the busiest sales events of the year for brands. But while it has its rewards, it's the period immediately after the peak shopping season that also offers immense opportunities for growth and long-term gains.


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November 3, 2023

Josh Ellwood , Elliot Taylor

From data-driven loyalty programs and post-purchase communications to consumer sentiment generation and the value of clear return policies, the period after Black Friday offers an array of ways to strengthen your consumer relationships, drive repeat custom and gather data for long-term business wins.

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A Post-Black Friday Guide: Six Tactics to Drive Consumer Loyalty and Long-Term Acquisition

For consumers, Black Friday is simply an opportunity to purchase big-ticket products at dramatically cut prices.

But for brands, Black Friday and Cyber Week mark one of the biggest opportunities for sales and growth in the calendar year.

By the time this article is live, brands around the world will be running ad campaigns, preparing websites for a surge in traffic and ensuring warehouses and couriers are ready for the sales rush.

But while it’s one of the most important days in the calendar for brands (and many consumers), it is the post-Black Friday period that is the biggest opportunity to drive shopper loyalty, increase retention and capture long-term business gains.

Black Friday isn’t just about sales – it also an opportunity to create loyal customers and increase customer retention that last beyond the event.

In this piece, we’ll explore how brands can optimize their post-Black Friday activity and harness the power of data captured over the Cyber Week period to drive brands wins that last and last. Get started here. 

Promote and uplift your loyalty programs

Black Friday will see both new and existing shoppers visiting your online store or site for one-off discounts and prices.

As such, the sales event is a prime opportunity to grow your consumer base in the long term with your loyalty program.

Incentivize repeat purchases with programs that offer discounts and rewards. As well as rewarding your existing shoppers, such an approach also helps encourage your new Black Friday visitors return to your brand again, even after peak season has ended...

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