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22 July 2021

How to achieve international success through localisation

Localisation should be an integral part of a business’ internationalisation strategy. Successful localisation can help your organisation to gain a competitive edge, achieve revenue growth and increase customer satisfaction across the globe. 

What is Localisation?
Localisation is the process of adapting a product or piece of content to ensure it is appropriate for its intended market, both linguistically and culturally. Effective localisation when entering a new market should encompass a brand’s website, marketing strategy, written content and visual assets. 

THG Ingenuity: Achieving Client Success Through Localisation
At THG Ingenuity, we have extensive proven experience of helping businesses to localise their ecommerce offerings and accompanying content and assets across multiple international markets to support them in achieving a competitive edge, growth in revenue and global customer satisfaction. 

THG Fluently is the language services division of THG Ingenuity, which provides our clients access to a network of 6,000 linguists to support their localisation work. This allows us to effectively create multilingual content for clients across different locales, while optimising content in line with localised SEO and performance strategies. 

We have achieved success for multiple clients through the localisation of websites and content. For one beauty reselling business, we saw localisation result in a 92% increase in website sessions across the Italian market, alongside 49% and 37% growth in the number of sessions recorded in the German and South Korean markets respectively. 

This increase in site sessions had a positive impact on revenue, with 23% growth in Italy, a 22% increase in Germany and a 38% rise in South Korea. 

For the same beauty ecommerce platform, the impact of translating content was seen within just one month, leading to a 95% increase in site visits, a 74% upturn in the quantity of product sold and 76% growth in gross revenue demonstrating the power of successful localisation. 

Why Localisation is Key When Entering New Markets 
The business benefits of localisation include: 

· Helping your brand to reach new customers effectively, without linguistic or cultural barriers 
· Personifying your brand in different markets, allowing you to connect with a new audience more organically 
· Enabling your brand to avoid the potential errors and misjudged cultural sensitivities that can be associated with new market entry. For example, idioms and slang are not always suitable for direct translation 
· Allowing you to demonstrate that you recognise the nuances of a local audience, helping to quickly establish your business as a trusted brand 

Ultimately, effective localisation allows you to target the your new audience in the right way, which can positively impact your success and revenue in that market. 

What Does Successful Localisation Look Like? 
Successful localisation requires an understanding of local cultural trends and nuances, which can be achieved by working with partners with a global footprint and proven experience of operating in the target markets. 

Cultural insights based on real-world data should also be a central part of any localisation strategy, to help with effective brand marketing across all channels. 

Get in touch today to find out how we could partner with your brand to support your localisation needs on your journey to globalisation. 

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