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What is Ingenuity Commerce? 

Discover who we are and how we can help your brand accelerate growth and amplify its global reach with our complete commerce solution.

February 27, 2024

5 min read


Celeste Rivas

Growing your brand is hard work. Growing the value of your brand at pace — for your business and your consumer — can be even harder.  

From finding the most efficient warehousing system to partnering with the right influencer, picking the solutions and teams to expand your commerce operations and amplify reach and loyalty may seem like an overwhelming task at times.  

That’s where Ingenuity Commerce can help, with our complete commerce offering bringing the technology, marketing and operations solutions built to create speed-to-value for brands and retailers.

What is Ingenuity Commerce?

Ingenuity Commerce (formerly known as THG Ingenuity) empowers brands to accelerate their growth and scale their operations seamlessly to new markets and consumers with its complete digital commerce solution.  

By removing the complexities of commerce, we help brands create positive purchase experiences for consumers, so shopping becomes an easier, simpler and better process, no matter the channel or the market.

What makes Ingenuity Commerce an efficient partner for brands?

As brand owners ourselves, we know first-hand the challenges of growth and scalability. For nearly 20 years we have carefully nurtured our own brands, including LOOKFANTASTIC and Myprotein, learning from our mistakes and iterating on our wins. This has helped us perfect the equation for scalable commerce and build our brands into resilient and innovative industry leaders with loyal customers. 

More importantly, this experience has made us the partner of choice for leading brands across beauty, retail and FMCG. We’ve supported the likes of Coca-Cola, Matalan, ELEMIS and Vital Proteins, supporting them on their growth journeys, helping them to reach consumers effectively, expand to international markets and reach their sales goals.

How does our complete commerce solution help brands?

Ingenuity Commerce’s complete digital commerce solution, covering technology, marketing and operations, is designed to aid brand growth and sustainable expansion to new markets.  

But what does this mean, exactly? 

We support brands in creating the right shopping journeys for their buyers from first click to last mile, enabling them to optimize and simplify purchasing, drive loyalty, and ultimately boost profitability, helping them reach new locales.  

With a connected commerce platform that enables effective multi and omnichannel experiences, marketing strategies to acquire and retain customers and efficient fulfilment provision, Ingenuity Commerce identifies and clears barriers to growth and empowers brands to realize their commerce ambitions sustainably and confidently. 

Link to Ingenuity Commerce complete commerce solution

Technology to drive growth 

Direct-to-consumer technology is at the heart of our stack. Starting from your own-brand website, Ingenuity Commerce ensures all your purchasing channels are seamlessly connected and your buyers get a unified, omnichannel commerce experience, regardless of when and where they prefer to shop for your products.  

From hosting and cloud services to checkout options and fraud management, our technology services look to make the purchase journey frictionless and seamless — no matter the channel —, so shoppers can buy products from your brand with ease and confidence. 

More importantly, our connected ecosystem gives brands the power to have a data-driven approach to key decision-making, as they can leverage first-party data from across channels to gain insight into their shoppers’ behaviors.  

This enables them to better understand what consumers want and create personalized shopping experiences that will keep their audiences engaged and coming back for more, driving sales and paving the way for sustained growth.

Build meaningful connections through effective marketing 

Discovering products on social media, browsing similar options on marketplaces, completing a purchase on a branded website: today, the shopping experience is a truly multichannel affair — one that can also take place over a range of brand touchpoints, including apps, websites and brick-and-mortar stores.  

These different forms of interactions challenge brands and retailers to maintain their connection with the consumer across multiple platforms and cater to varying and changing expectations and needs based on where consumers shop.  

As a result, it is imperative for brands to have a comprehensive marketing strategy that enables them to meet, support and engage consumers where they are to maximize reach and foster loyalty.  

Ingenuity Commerce’s marketing services look to do precisely this: empower brands to connect deeply and meaningfully with their audiences through strategies that drive ROI and optimize customer retention and acquisition.  

From content creation and influencer marketing to localization and market-specific trading calendars, our portfolio of marketing services helps brands spark emotional connections with shoppers, reach new audiences and achieve their growth goals effectively.

Fulfilment that places the world at your consumers’ doorstep

Getting orders delivered quickly and without any delays or issues can not only make or break a purchase, but also, and more importantly, can convert a one-time shopper into a loyal returning consumer.  

In fact, 85% of online shoppers say that a negative delivery experience would prevent them from ordering from an online retailer again. So having the right ecommerce fulfilment capabilities is crucial to acquiring and retaining customers, which in turn is the key to long-term growth. 

With an extensive network of global warehouses and courier integrations, Ingenuity Commerce’s approach to operations puts global consumers and their satisfaction are at the center of all processes, offering options like next-day delivery and localized customer service.  

This, combined with our extensive knowledge of local market regulations and product compliance, enables brands to reach new international locales with ease while reducing operational costs and removing the complexity of having to rely on multiple partners.  


Ready to unlock your brand’s growth potential? Get in touch with our commerce experts today.


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