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Explore the trends of tomorrow, emerging and innovative marketing, technology and operations solutions and discover the consumer paradoxes shaping our digital era in The Future of Commerce report.

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Consumer trends impacting the future of DTC

In collaboration with The Future Laboratory, we explore the key trends and behaviours that are set to impact the relationships between brands and their consumers, and offer insights into the opportunities on the horizon for ecommerce brands.

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Leadership capabilities: A conversation with Steven Bartlett, Diary of a CEO

Hear from Diary of a CEO host and Social Chain founder, Steven Bartlett, in this on-demand discussion with THG Ingenuity’s CEO on the multi-faceted nature of leadership as part of The Future of Commerce 2022.

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Marketing with purpose

“It’s about building trust, and more. It’s about building meaning.” This is how Microsoft Advertising’s Ellie England describes marketing with purpose. Learn more about what this means for brands as they plan a journey through the future of commerce in this 30-minute session.

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Driving loyalty through social creators

Is influencer marketing here to stay? How can creators drive brand growth through authentic consumer relationships? Hear all this and more in this on-demand panel session from THG Ingenuity.

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ESPA products surrounded by flowers

Want to know how an omnichannel approach can drive tangible results? Hear ESPA’s Managing Director discuss just that as he reflects on the rewards of digital innovation for a traditionally physical-world brand in the face of a global pandemic.

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Discovery meets commerce

What tools can support the continuous evolution of consumer shopping habits? Discover how brands can harness tools to create connections with customers in this discussion with Meta.

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Making commerce sustainable, one tree at a time

What does a sustainable future look like in the world of commerce? Listen in as THG Eco Chief Sustainability Officer explores what brands can and must do to reach sustainability goals set not only internally but also by global regulatory bodies.

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Entering new markets and reaching new audiences; where to go and how to grow

What does it take to thrive in multiple markets? Tune in to this on-demand discussion around the successes and learning curves that have formed the global expansion to-date of the number one learning sports and nutrition brands, Myprotein.

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Informed by data, not led by data - using the right data in decision making

Good data provides indisputable evidence, whilst relying on anecdotes or observation may lead to acting based on an incorrect conclusion. During this discussion we'll cover what it means to be data informed, how brands can identify useful data and use it to make the most impactful decisions.

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