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Woman on pink background with augmented reality measurements on her face

Our latest infographic provides insight into how technologies like virtual reality are changing the beauty industry and highlights the key drivers behind consumer preferences in the sector.

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Beams of blue light on black background

With the ecommerce landscape evolving quickly, it’s crucial to stay in the know. Read our latest infographic to learn all about the key trends that will shape online commerce in 2022.

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Range of beauty products on white surface

Did you know that 90% of European beauty consumers are interested in purchasing organic and natural beauty products? Discover the trends shaping the European beauty sector in our new infographic.

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Beauty products and mirror on white tiled background

THG Ingenuity examines the two largest beauty markets, APAC and the US, and explores the differences in their respective consumer habits, needs and expectations.

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Different beauty products on white surface

Did you know that 74% of Australian consumers find experiential beauty retail more enticing and engaging? Read our infographic to discover the key beauty industry trends in the Australian market.

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Woman applying skincare product

What do online consumers really expect from beauty influencers? Find out how beauty brands can leverage influencer marketing successfully to meet consumer needs in our new infographic.

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Mobile phone on black background showing the MyProtein website

The new online consumer demands a faster, more seamless and consistent digital experience. Read our infographic to find out how ecommerce leaders can exceed online customers' expectations.

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Black and white image of line charts on a screen

Opportunity awaits those who expand into new regions, but how can firms successfully enter new locales? Discover the potential power of DTC and data insights in building your brand’s success here.

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Planet Earth in blue and black

Download our infographic to understand more about the opportunities for growth available for your brand and why this strategy may be your ticket to conquering new territories.

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