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Ingenuity Launches Transformative Commerce and Technology Upskilling Programme

Ingenuity has developed a new two-week training course to help learners kickstart their commerce and tech careers following participation in the Amazon Web Services

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Digital art featuring blue interconnecting triangular shapes of blue lines.

Explore the trends of tomorrow, emerging and innovative marketing, technology and operations solutions and discover the consumer paradoxes shaping our digital era in The Future of Commerce report.

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A woman shows a man a shirt on a rail

Ecommerce merchandising is your online shop window, driving brand loyalty, sales and deeper consumers relationships by presenting the products they want, when they want them. Discover four strategies to enhance yours here.

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Ingenuity Strengthens Australian Market Presence With a String of Successful Brand Partnerships

Australian beauty brands Australian Health Vitality and Skin Virtue look to leverage Ingenuity’s cross-market capabilities for accelerated global growth

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An Apple MacBook with an open Gmail tab inside a browser

Email automation has a profound impact on customer engagement. Learn how it drives personalized interactions, saves time and resources, and increases sales and traffic, and discover how you can harness its power in this article.

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The company title "Ingenuity" and below that aligned right "A THG Company" to the left is the company logo a black box with white font of two lowercase i's one inverted next to the other.

Ingenuity, THG PLC’s complete commerce division, has for the first time, been recognised In the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce. Ingenuity has been acknowledged for its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

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A MacBook Pro on the table with an open software "Google Analytics"

Attracting organic traffic to your ecommerce website involves producing dynamic and high-quality content, optimizing it for SEO and mobile devices, and using social media to improve visibility. Find out how you can use organic traffic to grow your business.

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A smiling woman uses a laptop.

The key to market differentiation lies in your shoppers. Learn how a consumer behaviour analysis can enhance your retail strategy in our article.

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Two women at a clothing store, one is holding a dress on a hanger

Circular fashion helps retail businesses minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and promote sustainable efforts throughout the lifecycle of a garment. Learn how adopting this strategy can help you thrive in the competitive retail market.

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