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A smiling woman uses a laptop.

The key to market differentiation lies in your shoppers. Learn how a consumer behaviour analysis can enhance your retail strategy in our article.

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Two women at a clothing store, one is holding a dress on a hanger

Circular fashion helps retail businesses minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and promote sustainable efforts throughout the lifecycle of a garment. Learn how adopting this strategy can help you thrive in the competitive retail market.

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A woman holding the purse she just unpacked after receiving her online purchase

A customer retention strategy is designed to cultivate loyalty and contribute to sustained business growth. Find out how you can use it to create a loyal customer base that drives success in this article.

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People extending hands as a sign of a reached agreement

An exemplary loyalty scheme can take your business from being satisfactory to the industry leader. This happens when your brand has loyal customers that bring repeat business. Read on to learn how establishing a loyalty program can help with that.

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A person uses a laptop, with digital shopping cart symbols cascading from the keyboard.

The next five years bring a host of new challenges for online brands, from changing consumer preferences to increased cyberthreats. Discover what lies ahead for your ecommerce brand – and how to prepare for them – in our article.

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A digital artwork featuring blue and pink shapes against a black background.

Differentiating your product and brand from competitors can be challenging. Learn how a direct-to-consumer approach can help you create personalized shopping experiences for your customers that help your brand stand out.

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A lady wearing a grey coat and brown leather gloves holds her phone and a credit card

As the post-covid realm of retail involved adopting omnichannel strategies, new business models like Click-and-Mortar emerged. Read on to learn what Click-and-Mortar entails and whether it’s a viable option for your business.

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A person makes a transaction via a card machine.

An effective retail customer experience strategy drives engagement, repeat sales and customer loyalty. Learn what it is and how to achieve it in our essential guide.

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A selection of beauty and cosmetics product set against a pastel orange background.

2023 looks set to be a challenging year for brands. While ecommerce sales are rising, inflation remains high and many consumers are reducing their non-essential spending. In this report, we explore the trends shaping the retail sector, so you can cater to changing consumer demands in 2023.

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A group of people sit around a table, surrounded by iced drinks, notepads and a laptop.

In a crowded market, ecommerce businesses must do all they can to stand out against the competition – brand authenticity is key to achieving it. Discover why a genuine brand is essential for market differentiation here.

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