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Fluent in every global market

Over the last 18 years, THG Fluently has provided expert translation services to business around the world. THG Fluently enables brands to enter and disrupt international markets through localisation, ensuring no market is out of reach.

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Complete language services

Complete language services

Combining the skills of native-to-market linguists, with subject matter expertise, THG Fluently helps to authentically deliver brands to new markets across the world, through a spectrum of content and localisation services.

  • 160+ languages

  • 24/7 services

  • Proven international
    brand growth

Maximise results through a deep understanding
of your brand and audience

We partner with our clients, to understand brand values, tone of voice, ambitions for growth and what matters to your target customers. We use this information to build a content strategy tailored to each market, taking cultural differences into account to deliver results. Development of the internationalisation playbook enables brands to scale to new markets with the confidence that local cultural imperatives are being met and brand integrity is protected. 

Localisation and transcreation

Localisation is a translation process that refines and adapts content to suit the target market. This ensures communications are tailored not only to the audience's language, but also its cultural and local nuances. 

Transcreation is the creative adaptation of content for a new market. The linguist has more freedom to deviate from the source content, but will preserve the meaning and intent of the content. 

Linguistic optimisation

Linguistic optimisation is the language component of the more comprehensive digital strategy for your website. Each market has unique search landscape and ensuring your site is optimised at a local level is critical to building organic traffic and effectively planned paid media campaigns.

Keyword research for SEO and PPC, page optimisation as well as a taxonomy adapted to the local search landscape are all key components to developing paid and organic traffic to your site. 

Multilingual Content Creation

There are occasions where content will need to be created for specific markets. Locally relevant holidays or local events such as Single's Day in Asia will require unique content. Our team of multilingual copywriters will work from your brief to deliver hyper-localised, impactful copy. 

Through global offices, we provide a 24/7 service across 160+ languages

Supporting international
brand growth 

Through global offices, we provide a 24/7 service across 160+ languages. THG Fluently is proven to help brands grow on an international scale, delivered through robust processes and state of the art technology.

We deploy human-in-the-loop work that means our clients benefit from the best technology can offer, all managed by top internationalisation specialists. 

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