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Complete customer relationship management

THG CRM is THG Ingenuity’s proprietary technology
platform encompassing every aspect of customer
relationship management, intelligently reaching
customers across the globe.

Complete customer relationship management
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A home for all customer communications

THG CRM houses all customer communication across: email, SMS, mobile app/push notifications, referral schemes in one platform which can be designed and customised for your brand.

  • Email


  • Mobile app / push notifications

    Bespoke branded referral schemes

THG CRM places the customer at the heart of the platform, ensuring customer interaction occurs at precisely the right moment.

Simplify customer communication

THG CRM is for any brand looking to simplify their customer communications, by consolidating all communication channels into a single platform, benefiting from THG Ingenuity’s managed services solution. THG CRM's global capabilities enable brands to communicate with customers anywhere in the world seamlessly, via one completely integrated customer communication platform.

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Reaching customers across the globe

THG CRM offers brands the opportunity to build segments that can be used across multiple channels. This removes the need for multiple users to access raw customer data, ensuring all communications are secure, including remarketing capabilities via both Facebook and Google.

The platform combines traditional communication channels, such as email and SMS, with digital first channels such as referral and affiliate marketing. For THG Ingenuity customers, integrations with most major technology platforms are already complete, which means as you add new communication channels to your customer relationships, THG CRM can grow and scale with you.

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