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Enhancing Vita Coco's DTC presence

Vita Coco partnered with THG Ingenuity to enhance their existing direct-to-consumer (DTC) website. Attracted by Ingenuity’s expertise in the area, the brand was keen to improve their DTC and communication strategy. To do this, we focused on improving subscription rates and expanding the core range of products with an updated drink selection and a new haircare range. 

Vita Coco Shampoo and Conditioner bottles

THG Ingenuity's approach to marketing channels success

Since the beginning of the partnership with THG Ingenuity in November 2020, Vita Coco have achieved significant success through their marketing channels.

With a focus on PPC, CRM and affiliate marketing, the brand achieved an overall conversion rate of 12% and a total of 33,449 new orders coming from the new customer base.


New orders


Overall conversion rate


Cost of sale


New subscribers November 2020 - June 2021

35% increase in the subscription rate from November 2020 to June 2021. 

THG Ingenuity launched the subscribe and save functionality on the Vita Coco site in November 2020, delivering a significant increase in the volume of subscriptions to the brand.

A transformational 
year for retail

In 2020, 84% of consumers shopped online more than before. 

This new scenario has led retailers to prioritize investments into their omnichannel strategies and capabilities to retain customer engagement and satisfaction.

Nowadays, consumers expect a seamless experience across a growing number of channels, and value brands which provide an agile, flexible, and fast online experience. With 90% of consumers using smartphones while they shop in stores and nearly a third purchasing directly via social media, brands need to strengthen their direct-to-consumer interactions and the “shoppability” of social channels. 

Looking ahead

Following a successful site launch, and many strong campaigns, THG Ingenuity will continue working with Vita Coco to optimize its customer experience and website offerings. The brand will access a range THG Ingenuity initiatives, including:

THG More:Trees - enabling Vita Coco customers to offset carbon emissions by planting trees across the world.

THG Society – maximizing Vita Coco’s use of influencers across social media to generate growth.

THG Studios – supporting the brand’s site updates via content creation and social media content produced in-house in our state-of-the-art ICON Studios

Fulfilment and Operations – providing the brand solutions to fulfil their wholesale requirements.

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