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Proprietary production on-demand

THG On Demand is our proprietary on-demand production facility which enables brands and  influencers to launch a product line on-demand, maximising trends and emerging market opportunities.

Proprietary production on-demand
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Production house

Maximise market opportunities

THG On Demand is a full-service production house giving brands and influencers the power to turn their vision into bespoke product lines or personalised ranges over time or virtually overnight.

As part of THG Ingenuity, THG On Demand is uniquely positioned to produce a product range on demand, take the range to market through considered communications and retail the range through its THG Lite platform.

Launch bespoke product ranges 

THG On Demand holds all the stock meaning there is zero stock risk undertaken by the brand, so you can scale your product range up or down as much as you like to suit demand. With a wide range of branded merchandise products from fashion to gifting and homeware available, THG On Demand offers brands and influencers the opportunity to enhance their customer and community relationships with bespoke product solutions. 

THG On Demand covers the full range of production from: design, production, marketing, sales, packing, dispatch through to delivery at your customer's door.








Zero stock risk

Product printer

Flexible production on demand

THG On Demand offers brands the opportunity to utilise a complete flexible approach to production on demand with zero stock risk to launching new product ranges. 

As part of THG Ingenuity, THG On Demand offers brands a completely end-to-end product development process from concepts and design, through to production, and if selected – fulfilment. THG’s On Demand solution can deliver product ranges for both planned and reactionary projects.

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