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Why THG Ingenuity?

THG Ingenuity powers the ecommerce growth of many of the world's leading brands, achieved through 17 years of continuous investment in proprietary Technology, Operations, Brand and Data.

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A simplified approach to DTC commerce

Developed initially as a solution to restrictive and disproportionately expensive third-party ecommerce solution providers, THG Ingenuity has now positioned itself as the partner of choice for brands looking to grow globally, at pace, eradicating complexity and a need for multi-partner relations. 

As an end-to-end solution it allows brand owners to focus more exclusively on their market strategy knowing that THG Ingenuity has the integrated capability to deliver with resilience and speed.

Offered as an in-house service

Recent addition

Partial service

Third party required

Built for success

Headquartered in Manchester in the North West of England, the THG infrastructure is built to support both our staff and client base on a global scale. Our ICON campus houses our creative powerhouse, THG Studios in a 160,000 sq ft creative studio and office space, along with our automated warehouse. Plus, our infrastructure extends to 10 fulfilment centres across the world, and a global office presence from London to Singapore that enables brands to grow and thrive on an international scale.

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A proven solution to global ecommerce

THG Ingenuity is completely unique in that it’s both a peer-to-peer ecommerce retailer and a service provider to global cross-border commerce operations. The same technology that drives the growth of our Ingenuity partners also powers the growth of our own brands. As a result, any developments and enhancements we make to our technology, operations, digital or data solutions automatically benefits our clients too.

Our core values

Our core values ensure that our clients benefit from the same guiding principles that have successfully delivered the exponential growth of our own brands under the THG group. Our client partnerships are built on the understanding that as a growing ecommerce retailer ourselves, we face and overcome the challenges of launching and scaling global ecommerce operations, together.

  • Bottom-line approach

    We've mastered a profitable model for online Direct-to-Consumer commerce


    Based on our proprietary data platform with access to insights for THG's own global brand ecosystem

  • Flexible and highly scalable solution

    Our platform grows seamlessly with your business

    Invested in your success

    THG succeeds when you succeed, with the same platform powering our own development

  • Completely end-to-end

    Eradicating complexity and a need for multiple ecommerce solution 

    Benefit from a long pipeline of innovation

    Benefit from a long pipeline of innovation and continuous developments to the platform

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